A Tale of Two Kingdoms
Living Your CItizenship in God's Kingdom
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Seek FIRST the kingdom" was the message Jesus spoke to those who would listen. Yet today many Christians spend most of their time in natural pursuits and little time walking in all that being a citizen of the Kingdom of God entitles them. This book addresses what it means to be a kingdom citizen

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Below is the chapter list and content. You can read a sample of the book by clicking on the cover. Included in the sample is the Prologue, Chapters one and part of two and the Intermission.


Chapter 1 - The Fall and Rule of Satan
Chapter 2 - The Lie
Chapter 3 - The Announcement
Chapter 4 - The Defeat of the Prince of Darkness
Chapter 5 - The Naturalization Process
Chapter 6 - Entering The Kingdom of Light
Chapter 7 - Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It


Chapter 8 - Walking In All Your Citizenship Provides
Chapter 9 - Finding “Rest” In The Kingdom
Chapter 10 - Kingdom Economics 101
Chapter 11 - What The Kingdom of God Is Like
Chapter 12 - Maintaining Your Supply Lines


"A Tale of Two Kingdoms" was released on October 30th, 2007

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